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Loughborough University
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Politics, International Relations and European Studies - Department InformationInformation
08EUA109 - French Translation for Exchange Students 1Information
08EUA110 - French Translation for Exchange Students 2Information
08EUA111 - Oral English Language Skills for Native French-Speaking Students 1Information
08EUA112 - Oral English Language Skills for Native French-Speaking Students 2Information
08EUA601 - The Contemporary World ArenaInformation
08EUA604 - British PoliticsInformation
08EUA605 - Contemporary Europe: Economy and SocietyInformation
08EUA606 - The Idea of EuropeInformation
08EUA607 - Introduction to Democratic GovernmentInformation
08EUA608 - British GovernmentInformation
08EUA609 - Politics in Post War EuropeInformation
08EUA610 - Conceptions of DemocracyInformation
08EUA611 - International Relations TheoryInformation
08EUB001 - European SemesterInformation
08EUB601 - The European UnionInformation
08EUB602 - International OrganisationInformation
08EUB603 - Political AnalysisInformation
08EUB604 - Developments in European Government and PoliticsInformation
08EUB608 - Research DesignInformation
08EUB612 - Foreign Policy AnalysisInformation
08EUB614 - Research Design (Distance Learning)Information
08EUB616 - Power, Discipline and Resistance: Issues in Political SociologyInformation
08EUB617 - The Politics of MulticulturalismInformation
08EUB618 - US GovernmentInformation
08EUB619 - Security StudiesInformation
08EUC100 - French DissertationInformation
08EUC200 - German DissertationInformation
08EUC300 - Spanish DissertationInformation
08EUC602 - NationalismInformation
08EUC604 - State, Violence and TerrorismInformation
08EUC605 - Modern Italy - State, Culture and SocietyInformation
08EUC606 - Anticapitalism and AlterglobalisationInformation
08EUC607 - The European Union and the United StatesInformation
08EUC609 - Spanish-Latin American RelationsInformation
08EUC612 - Gender in EuropeInformation
08EUC617 - Contemporary FranceInformation
08EUC618 - Spanish Politics and SocietyInformation
08EUC621 - Germany in EuropeInformation
08EUC622 - Identity, Difference and DemocracyInformation
08EUC623 - Euroscepticism in BritainInformation
08EUC624 - Germany and its NeighboursInformation
08EUC627 - Intelligence and National SecurityInformation
08EUC628 - The Asia-Pacific in Global PoliticsInformation
08EUC629 - South African Politics and Society: Stability and CrisisInformation
08EUC630 - Political Participation and ProtestInformation
08EUC631 - Yugoslavia: Its 20th CenturyInformation
08EUC632 - Federalism: Theory and PracticeInformation
08EUC633 - Political Parties in Western EuropeInformation
08EUC634 - The Beatles and the 1960sInformation