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Loughborough University
Charles Shields
Learn "Rollover" Information
by Charles Shields - Friday, 10 July 2009, 12:59 PM

On the 29th and 30th of July, Learn will be "rolled over" to the new academic year. On these 2 days, Learn will not be accessible to staff and students.

Most of you will not notice the rollover. Your module pages and resources will look/remain the same.

During the rollover, modules from the current academic year on Learn will be archived and will no longer be editable by staff. However, staff and students will still be able to view past module resources on Learn.

When this year's module resources go into the archive, only students and staff who were registered on the module will be able to access them. Students taking the new 2009/10 version of a module will be unable to access the 2008/09 version of that module (unless they were registered on that module last year).

Staff: We will transfer all your module material to the 2009/10 modules on Learn, and as of the 31st of July you will be able to edit materials for the 2009/10 academic year. If you have activities in your module they will be copied across too. When new students are registered to your module they will be automatically added to your activities. The exception will be any activities you have created using groups. New students will need to be allocated into your pre-existing groups as you see fit.

The MyModules page will contain a link to the 2008-09 edition of Learn so that everyone can consult their modules from last session.

Students will be able to log in and view their upcoming module material, as well as getting access to module results and details of any forthcoming exams (resits during the Special Assessment period). They will still be able to access this year's module material in preparation for the Special Assessment period.